Our dedicated research arm Sinclair DIRECT (Dermatology Investigational Research Education, and Clinical Trials Centre) was founded in 2010 by our principal dermatologist, Professor Sinclair. It is Australia’s largest dedicated Dermatology research centre and aims to help deliver breakthrough science that has life changing impact.

The Sinclair DIRECT team is supported by over a dozen operational members made up of Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators, Research Scientists, Clinical Trials Coordinators, Clinical Trials Assistants, Lab Assistants and Research Assistants. DIRECT achieved global number 1 recruiter status on four clinical studies across 132 sites over 22 countries. An achievement we are very proud of.

Principal Investigators

  • Professor Rod Sinclair
  • Dr Samantha Eisman
  • Dr Ritva Vyas


  • Dr Georgina Hollmann
  • Dr Rebekka Jerjen
  • Dr Jared John
  • Dr Lara Carvalho
  • Dr Ameshin Moodley
  • Dr Wei Liang (Kevin) Koh

Chief Research Scientist

  • A/prof. Leslie Jones

Senior Research Scientist & Scientific Research Manager

  • Ms Laita Bokhari

Clinical Trials Unit Manager

  • Dr Carol Robinson

Clinical Trials Operations Manager

  • Ms Megan Defazio

Research Papers

Professor Sinclair is one of the most highly-cited clinical and research dermatologist in Australia and has personally contributed more than 500 research publications including 7 textbooks to date. Here are some articles our team has published that we would like to share with you.

Accreditations & Memberships

Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society
international academy cosmetic dermatology
european medecines agency
deakin university
congress dermatology
bellberry limted
australiasian college dermatologists
australian government national health
australian government ip
australian clinical trials
albinism fellowship australia
american dermatological association
british association of dermatology
international society of dermatology
university of melbourne
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