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Sinclair Dermatology is one of Australia’s leading dermatology centres offering in-person and telehealth appointments. Our growing team of doctors means we can see urgent patients within a couple of days and most patients within 2 weeks.

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Doctors, refer your patients now
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Talk to a Sinclair Dermatology consultant on (03) 9654 2426 or email us at: reception@sinclairdermatology.com.au

Sinclair Dermatology is the largest dermatology centre in Victoria, Australia, treating more than 50,000 patients a year.


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Sinclair Dermatology is:

We’re also well-run. We manage our clinics well, which means you can access our services quickly.

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Sinclair Dermatology is Skilled in managing many skin conditions
Why timely dermatology treatment is so important
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Why timely dermatology treatment is so important

Dermatologists are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating disorders affecting your skin, hair and nails.

These conditions are often visible to others and can have a significant impact on your mental health.

Many patients wait longer than they ideally should before seeking treatment. That may not only worsen the dermatology condition but also begin to affect self-confidence, body image and mood.

That’s why we emphasise the importance of timely access to treatment. We ensure appointments are always available for new patients within a few days of referral.

Some of the conditions we treat

Appointment FAQs

You’ll find us in East Melbourne or Pascoe Vale South.

Yes, we do. We recognise that telehealth is a convenient option if you have a busy schedule or don’t live close to one of our clinics.

Follow these steps to book a telehealth appointment:

  1. Click the “Book an Appointment” button located at the top right-hand corner of our website.
  2. Select your preferred doctor, appointment date, and time.
  3. Choose the patient for the appointment and indicate if they have visited the clinic before.
  4. Select your preferred appointment type: in-clinic or telehealth.

Would you prefer to spend the next few months treating your condition or watching it worsen? That’s the real question.

Many patients tell us they wished they’d come to see us sooner. If your skin, hair or nails are causing you pain or distress (including emotional distress), then please come to see us sooner rather than later.

Our Specialist Dermatologists are recognised by the Australasian College of Dermatology. Our Dermatology Fellows are Australian-registered Medical Practitioners, who are undertaking advanced training with us and who have completed their post-graduate training in dermatology overseas.

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