Aug 17, 2014

Moles increase risk of melanoma

Research on moles and melanomas which is being presented at the World Congress of Cancers on the Skin confirms that people are relatively good judges of their future  risk of developing melanoma.

In essence people who attend a doctor for assessment of moles or whom are noted on medical examination to have benign moles represent a subgroup of the population at increased risk of future development of melanoma.

The message is:

  1. If you have moles, especially moles sufficient to raise concern, you should get your skin checked not just once, but  regularly
  2. Skin checks are not all equal.  The expertise of the person doing the check is important.  Dermatologists generally undertake 4-6 years of additional training after medical school specifically in the diagnosis of skin disease and skin cancer.
  3. Epworth Dermatology are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, perform photographic  mole mapping and will assess people at risk of skin cancer and devise a program for regular monitioring of people at increased risk.
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