Lasers have revolutionised the prescription of acne scarring, unwanted hair, ageing and redness.

We have the latest generation state-of-the-art laser system available in Australia and continually stay updated on technological advancement and training to provide our own unique protocols for optimum patient results.

To achieve the best results, you need

  • up-to-date medical grade lasers as the technology is changing rapidly
  • qualified operators who are trained in laser safety and understands how to optimise the best results for you
  • specialists expertly trained to identify the laser most appropriate for your skin type and select the best skin care products, mineral makeup, chemical peels and injectables to complement your treatments

When used under expert hands, lasers can enrich the treatment of acne scarring, unwanted hair, ageing and redness. Our medical practitioners and dermal clinician are widely recognised as being amongst the most skilled specialists in the industry to deliver customised dermal and cosmetic solutions such as chemical peels, injectables, epi-levelling, skincare, and mineral makeup recommendations.


Acne scars can seem like a double whammy as your first have to deal with the pimples and then afterwards deal with the marks that remain.

Acne scars comes in many shapes and form: red or pigmented marks or depressions on your skin that vary in depth and shape. The best approach is to get treatment for acne as soon as it starts to appear so as to prevent further severe acne and more scarring.

We can treat surgical and keloid scars and recommend that you see our dermatologists first who can then oversee your treatment to ensure we help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Laser treatment is selected based on the appearance and severity of your scarring, skin type and recovery time. We cannot make the scars disappear, but we can remodel the scar tissue to make them look better.


  • Superficial scarring can be treated with serial Fractionated laser or a single ablative laser treatment

Sweating is your body's normal mechanism to cool itself, but some people produce more sweat than is needed for cooling. Abnormal increased sweating is known as hyperhidrosis and can be a very embarrassing and socially debilitating disorder to have. Our dermatologists can help treat your condition.


  • Sinclair Dermatology offers a number of treatments, including Botox injections for axillary hyperhidrosis.

Even with diet and exercise, stubborn fat seems impossible to lose. We offer non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs and submental.



  • Sculpsure

Leg veins or Spider veins are red or blue veins that are closer to the skin surface and much smaller than bulging varicose veins. They are usually found on a person’s leg or face. Women tend to get the problem more often than men.

Factors that can increase your risk of developing spider veins include:

  • Crossing your legs
  • Being immobile for an extended period of time
  • Obesity
  • Minimal exercise
  • On your feet for an extended period of time


  • Cynergy vascular laser
  • YAG vascular laser

Spider and reticular veins can be treated without incision and minimal discomfort in less than one hour.

Although some types of pigmented lesions exist at birth, often times pigment represents one of the first signs of ageing. Pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin to darken in small brown spots or large patches. Although the condition usually is not harmful, it can also be a symptom of a medical condition. We do recommend that you see a dermatologist if you are concerned.

Types of pigmentations include:

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Melasma – brown patches typically upper cheeks, forehead, upper lips and chin

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive cosmetic surgery technique that uses light energy to gently stimulate the natural growth of collagen to remove irregular pigmentation. It uses the principle of selective photothermolysis, light-based treatment targets different chromophores in the skin. Chromophores selectively absorb the laser or light energy as heat and yield the desired response.

These optimal wavelengths of light clear pigmented lesions by targeting melanin. The damaged pigmented lesions are then cleared by the body. They undergo a mild desquamation and slough off, removing the appearance of the lesion from the skin.

Ablative fractional lasers uses laser energy to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and removes it. It is great for treating damage on the area where the lip meets the skin, cholesterol pockets near the eyes (syringoma), removal of warts and reduce overgrowth on the nose. Recovery time depends on the depth and surface area being treated.


  • Ablative Fractionated laser
  • MaxG Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

Multiple factors can attribute to why your skin appear red; allergic reactions, heat exposure or from exercise exhaustion and are generally not of concern besides it being irritating and uncomfortable.

It is a common misconception to refer to visible vessels on your face as ‘broken vessel or broken capillaries’ but they are not actually broken only dilated.

Rosacea is a medical condition that causes redness and often small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face. If you have been diagnosed with rosacea, we recommend that you see our dermatologist prior to commencing any laser treatment.

Typical symptoms of redness are:

  • Flushing
  • Hypersensitive skin
  • Dilated vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Port Wine Stain
  • Campbell de Morgan spots


  • Cynergy vascular laser
  • MaxG Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

Stretch marks are common condition that affect both women and men as result of muscle and weight gain and some medical conditions. Puberty and pregnancy are the most common times for developing these unsightly stretch marks. Initially they appear as pink, red or purple streaks and will eventually fade to silvery white tone. They are more a cosmetic concern that is not painful.

The Cynosure fractionated non-ablative laser is FDA approved for the treatment of white stretch marks. Activation of wound healing leads to collagen replacement and re-organisation within the stria.

Red stretch marks can be treated initially with the Cynergy vascular laser. Four to five repeat treatments are generally required to fade stretch marks.


  • Non-Ablative Fractionated laser
  • Cynergy vascular laser
In our society, it has become a trend that less hair is more desirable. People have been using conventional hair epilation methods such as waxing, threading, plucking, shaving and depilatory creams that provides short-term result only. Laser hair removal treatment effectively destroys the hair follicle, providing permanent ‘hair reduction’. In some cases, this treatment has seen to improve the condition of skin infections caused by the follicles (folliculitis) and boils on the skin from follicles (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) Treatment
  • The Vectus Diode – great for treating larger skin surfaces. An entire back can be treated in under 15 minutes!
  • The Max Y laser – great for removal of fine and light pigmented hair
  • Nd: YAG laser – great for anyone with a dark skin tone

Wrinkles are folds and creases in the skin and are formed due to two main factors:

Intrinsic ageing from the natural stages of human degeneration such as the loss of elasticity, collagen and hydration. Crow’s feet, or wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes, are one of the earliest signs of ageing.

Extrinsic ageing which is from environmental factors such as sun exposure. Most wrinkles appear on parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest, including the face, neck, back of hands and top of forearms.

We can’t stop time, but we can slow down the ageing process by stimulating the skin cell production to do the following:

  • Soften wrinkles (rhytides) and fine lines
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Plump and rejuvenate cheeks, nasolabial folds and under eyes
  • Refine lines on the neck and décolletage
  • Tighten enlarged pores
  • Prevent further wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate hands and fingers

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive cosmetic surgery technique that uses light energy to gently stimulate the natural growth of collagen to improve pores and the skins texture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Ablative fractional lasers use laser energy to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and removes it. It is great for treating damage on the area where the lip meets the skin, cholesterol pockets near the eyes (syringoma), removal of warts and reduce overgrowth on the nose. Recovery time depends on the depth and surface area being treated.

Non-Ablative fractional lasers produce columns of energy that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin but does not remove it. It is great for treating fine lines, enlarged pores and any kinds of textural concerns. There is no downtime using this laser treatment and recovery time generally ranges from 30mins to overnight.

With a unique combination of leading-edge technologies, our skin revitalisation light-based treatments target all three layers of photodamaged tissue, epidermal pigment, mid-dermal wrinkles, and deep-dermal laxity.


  • Botox
  • Non-Ablative Fractionated laser
  • Ablative Fractionated laser




Non-invasive fat reduction

Many of our patients find, no matter their diet and exercise regimes, they just can’t lose that stubborn layer of fat. SculpSure is a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring designed to precisely treat problem areas such as your tummy, love handles, back and thighs in just 25 minutes – with no downtime.

The 25-minute SculpSure treatment destroys up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery and is ideal for people with trouble fat spots that can be particularly resistant to diet and exercise. With no downtime, you can have the treatment during your lunch break and return to work immediately.

After your SculpSure treatment, the destroyed fat cells will leave your body and never return so you achieve permanent fat reduction.

The benefits of the SculpSure treatments:

  • Works on all skin types
  • Treats non-pinchable and pinchable fat areas
  • Is a comfortable and well tolerated treatment
  • Customisable treatments to help you achieve your desired goals
  • Has over 90% patient satisfaction – (according to Realself.com)
  • Does not damage the surrounding tissue
  • 25-minute treatment sessions
  • No downtime

What to expect?

During the SculpSure treatment, most patients report feeling a tingling sensation intermittently which is generally well tolerated. Many patients start seeing results as early as 6 weeks following treatment as the body begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells. Optimal results are usually seen at 12 weeks. While many patients see positive results with as little as one treatment, depending on your desired results, you may wish to have additional treatments.

How does it differ to weight loss?

Throughout adult life, the number of fat cells stored in our bodies typically remains constant. If you lose weight through diet and exercise, the size of fat cells become smaller, but typically will not decrease in number. After your SculpSure treatment, the destroyed fat cells will naturally be eliminated by the body and never regenerate.

With the help of Sculpsure, a slimmer, more sculpted body is possible. Look, great, feel great!

To schedule your FREE SculpSure consultation please contact us on (03) 9654 2646 or email appointments@sinclairdermatology.com.au

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vectus laser scar removal


Fastest laser hair removal

The Vectus laser provides high-volume permanent hair reduction for a wide range of skin and hair types, without sacrificing your comfort.

With our Vectus laser hair removal, all it takes is a few simple treatments to permanently minimise hair growth and reveal silky smooth skin that’s ready to bare every day, all year long. Unlike shaving that lasts only days, waxing that needs to be repeated every few weeks indefinitely, or electrolysis that is tedious, permanent laser hair reduction is a lasting solution that takes away the everyday hassle of dealing with unwanted facial and body hair.

The secret lies in the laser technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surround skin. Featuring the largest spot size and most uniform beam profile available today, the Vectus laser allows to treat unwanted hair – even in the largest areas such as the back – in less than ten minutes.

The benefits of the Vectus treatments:

  • Excellent long-term results
  • Fast treatment sessions that take only minutes
  • Great for reducing hair for larger areas
  • Comfortable treatments with no downtime

Frequently asked questions

What areas can be treated?

Permanent laser hair reduction can remove hair from faces (except around the eyes), backs, chests, arms, underarms, bikini lines and legs.

Am I a good candidate?

Permanent laser hair reduction is available for all skin types, including very light and very dark skin and most hair colours. Your clinician will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure based on a variety of factors.

How does it work?

Laser energy is used to target and destroy hair follicles responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding tissue, so there’s minimal risk.

How long does it take?

Permanent Laser hair reduction treatments take just a few minutes for small areas and about half an hour for larger areas.

How many treatments will I need?

Several treatment sessions are recommended for the best aesthetic outcome. Laser hair removal technology can only affect hair in active phases of growth, so several treatments are needed to affect all your unwanted hair. You do not need to let hair grow out between treatment sessions.

What will the treatment feel like?

Most people feel only a slight, momentary “snap” at the treatment site during the procedure.

How quickly will I recover?

You can resume regular daily activities immediately following treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Typically, most people experience a mild, sun-burn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling, immediately following treatment. This usually lasts 2 to 24 hours. Ask your clinician to discuss other possible side effects and the necessary post-treatment care with you.

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Scar revision and aesthetic technology

Our ICON laser offers multiple treatment options from hair removal to the reduction of wrinkles, pigmentations, scars, facial vessels, leg veins and stretch marks.

ICON Scar reduction treatment

Our laser scar treatment uses “fractional” pulses of laser light to break down scar tissue and to help generate healthy new tissue, light in contour and more even in texture. It is a fast and simple procedure with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort.

ICON Max G pigmentation and rosacea treatment

Max G treatment uses gentle pulses of intense optimised light to treat unwanted pigment and vessels in your skin which can occur as a result of ageing and lifestyle choices. Treatments can be done on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs without any downtime or pain involved.

ICON Anti-Wrinkle treatment

Our powerful fractional laser breaks down facial lines and creases and helps to generate new skin that is healthier and smoother. The effective treatment allows you to look like you – only better and refreshed! It’s your face but with fewer lines and wrinkles- and without unnatural facial changes.

ICON Stretchmark treatment

Our non-invasive laser treatment uses pulses of fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and improve the appearance of your skin. In just a few simple treatments, redness can be reduced, stretch marks can be smoothed and your skin can be ready to bare.

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The latest generation of vascular lasers

With our Cynergy technology we can treat all types of vascular lesions including facial and leg telangiectasias, spider veins, haemangiomas, mature and blebbed port-wine stains and rosacea.

Cynergy Leg Vein Treatments

Unattractive leg veins are all too common for women of every age and are a great cause of embarrassment for many. Until now your only options were to cover them with pants and stockings or suffer through painful injections or invasive, expensive surgery. With laser leg vein removal, you can diminish the appearance of leg veins with no incision or downtime and minimal discomfort.

With Cynergy laser leg vein removal treatments, laser light constricts blood vessels in the legs without harming surrounding tissue. It’s a quick and easy procedure that gets you back on your feet quickly and helps to get your legs back to their youthful appearance with ease.

Choose laser leg vein removal to minimise the appearance of:

  • Spider veins
  • Reticular veins

Choose laser leg vein treatment for:

  • Excellent outcomes for spider and reticular veins
  • Non-invasive treatment that can improve the appearance of your legs.
  • Short procedure time (less than 30 minutes)
  • Minimal side effects and little downtime

Frequently asked questions

What types of leg veins can be treated?

Laser leg vein treatment is ideal for spider veins and reticular veins.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Laser leg vein treatment may be performed on all skin types. Your clinician will determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

How does it work?

Laser light targets and constricts the blood vessels in the legs that cause spider veins without harming surrounding tissue and there’s no need for extensive recovery.

How long does it take?

A leg vein treatment session depends on the number of veins but generally takes less than 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Most people feel a little discomfort during the procedure, and there is usually no need for topical anaesthetic.

How many treatments will I need?

You may see an improvement in the appearance of your leg veins immediately following the first treatment, but more treatment sessions are often needed to fully clear blood vessels and reduce the appearance of the leg veins completely.

How quickly will I recover?

Most people typically resume their regular activities immediately following the treatment session.

Are there any side effects?

Typical side effects include a temporary redness, bruising and sensation of warmth at the site, which should resolve after a short period of time. Your clinician may discuss other potential side effects with you.

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Skin Care

As a leading dermatology clinic in Melbourne, Sinclair Dermatology offers an extended range of cosmeceutical skincare options to support the medical treatment of acne, ageing, pigmentation, redness, unwanted hair growth and scars.

Cosmeceutical products have both cosmetic and medical effects and are designed to improve the skins health and aesthetics. Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions and contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin’s cellular level. Results are achieved a lot quicker and last longer than ordinary skin care products. Cosmeceuticals are best used to complement laser and skin treatment to enhance the treatment effects.

Our dermal clinician can help you select the most suitable medical grade cosmeceutical skincare product to address all your skin concerns. Medical grade lasers, chemical peels, injectables, epi-levelling, skincare products, and mineral makeup are all available.

For existing patients, we offer a complimentary 30min consult with our dermal clinician to plan a skin care program.

For new patients, a $50 deposit is required to book in to see our dermal clinician to plan a skin care program, which is redeemable on products or services on the day.


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