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Led by world-renowned dermatologist, Prof Rodney Sinclair, the practice is building an enviable reputation in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients.

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Everyone has the right to enjoy the skin they live in

— Prof Rodney Sinclair
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Understanding dermatology

Hair Loss

Hair loss (also known as alopecia) can ‘just happen’ or it may be linked to some medical conditions or use of medicines. It can be patchy or widespread, and may range from mild to severe.

Hair & Scalp Disease

The broad categories of hair disorders include: Hair loss (alopecia); Excess hair (hirsutism); Hair infections; and Hair shaft disorders.


Acne is a medical skin problem that usually begins in the early teenage years and can last until the 30s and even 40s. It consists of mild to severe outbreaks of pimples and cysts – mainly on the face, back, arms and chest.

Skin Cancer

Each year in Australia almost 1,900 people die from skin cancer; yet skin cancer is a preventable disease and the majority of skin cancers are treatable if detected early.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. It is not contagious. Symptoms include red scaly patches on skin, itchiness and flaking of the skin.


Atopic dermatitis (commonly known as eczema) is an inherited, chronic inflammatory skin condition that usually appears in early childhood.

News from Sinclair Dermatology

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    4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Adult Acne

    Full Podcast with Professor Sinclair Available Here, many thanks to The Better Living Podcast Did you have acne as a teenager? Remember that feeling of frustration when you went to bed blemish free and you woke up with pimples? According to Professor Rodney Sinclair in a recent podcast adults can also experience acne. He explains

  • Treating female pattern hair loss with low dose oral Minoxidil and Sprionolacton

    Treating female pattern hair loss with low dose oral Minoxidil and Sprionolacton

    Did you know that fewer than 45% of women go through their life with a full head of hair? Female pattern hair loss increases as women age with over 55% of women experiencing minor hair loss. The psychological distress and impaired social functioning associated with hair loss can be debilitating. With over 20% of women

  • Hair restoration treatments for all types of hair loss

    Hair restoration treatments for all types of hair loss

    Over the last few years, hair restoration to treat hair loss has undergone an extensive refinement of techniques. Dr Shoji Okuda performed the first hair transplantation in Japan during the early 1940’s. By the 1960’s, Dr Norman Orentreich from the USA demonstrated that the behaviour of transplanted hairs is determined by the characteristics of the

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