• 09 APR 18

    Clinical trial recruiting for female and males with patterned hair loss

    Current clinical trial recruiting

    Female and Male patterned hair loss
    This 32-week study is looking at the efficacy of once daily low-dose oral minoxidil in male and female patients with patterned hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. Minoxidil will be given as a sublingual tablet (dissolves under the tongue). We are seeking males and females aged between 18 and 65 years old who has been diagnosed with patterned hair loss and not on any medications for the condition.

    Inclusion criteria:
    • Clinical diagnosis of MPHL with Norwood-Hamilton Classification scores of 3(III) Vertex, 4(IV), 4(IV)a, 5(V), 5(V)a and 6 or FPHL with the Sinclair scale scores 2-5
    • Willing to maintain the same hairstyle as at the Screening Visit for the duration of the study
    • For participants who dye their hair regularly be willing to attend the in-house hair salon 2-3 days prior to the treatment visit
    • Willing to receive a 1mm (size of a dot) temporary scalp tattoo on the scalp vertex.
    • Willing to have a 2cm diameter shave around the scalp tattoo.

    Exclusion criteria:
    • Previous treatment for patterned hair loss during the study or within 12 weeks prior to first treatment visit.
    • Use of any scalp hair growth products (ie. ketaconazole shampoo, topical prostaglandin or prostanoid treatment, aminexil, nioxin, platelet rich plasma injections, low-level LED light treatment) during the study or within 6 weeks prior to first treatment
    • History of hair restoration surgery
    • Known allergy or sensitivity to dye pigments

    If you believe you are eligible for this study, please complete this questionnaire.