Caitlin James

Caitlin James is a Master Artist for Scalp MicroPigmentation. She completed her Master Technician training in Scottsdale Arizona with Master Artist Joe Taylor and Bryce Cleveland owner of Scalp Aesthetics – she has been mentored by Eddie Lopez world renowned SMP artist from Denver Colorado and also trained with Pam Neigbours from Seattle Washington. Caitlin has a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of Spa Therapy, Certificates in Permanent Make-Up and Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Caitlin is passionate about performing Scalp MicroPigmentation for Male baldness, Women with hair loss, Alopecia patients and for those wishing to camouflage scalp scars from surgery. She is passionate about this field and loves each transformation. Aside from Scalp MicroPigmentation treatments, she is also a hair transplant technician and has 9 years’ experience in this area. She attended the 2012 International Society of Hair Restoration Society in Alaska gaining a huge insight and skill set to the hair transplant world.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP – Scalp Tattoo for Hair Loss) is a hair loss treatment now available at our East Melbourne location. This is a superficial tattooing style technique where pigments are placed in the superficial layers of the dermis (near the surface of the skin) in a stippling pattern to look like a shaved head of hair or, to reduce the amount of skin showing through long hair – this reduces the contrast between the colour of the hair and colour of the scalp.

There are many good candidates for scalp micropigmentation.  Men who want to shave their head and have the Scalp MicroPigmentation applied to look like they have a full head of hair.   It is especially useful for those with scarring alopecia as the whole scalp can be camouflaged, by blending areas of baldness with areas of hair.  Many autoimmune disease patients are ideal as they are not suitable for a hair transplant (e.g. Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis).

SMP is very effective in treating scars from previous transplants or injury.  Women with thinning hair are great candidates for this type of procedure too as it creates the illusion of more density by reducing the scalp colour.

Those suitable for SMP include:

  • Hair thinning or regional balding where the patient desires to appear to have a fuller head of hair, with or without a shaved scalp.
  • Scalp scars from scarring alopecias
  • People with autoimmune diseases such as refractory alopecia areata or alopecia totalis
  • Women who are balding or thinning who are not responsive to minoxidil or other medical treatments and do not qualify or wish to have hair transplantation
  • Neurosurgery scars and scars from head trauma, surgeries and/or hair restoration procedures.
  • Chemotherapy patients, who do not grow back significant amounts of their hair after treatment
  • Deformities in hair restoration patients resulting from unplanned processing hair loss in men, whose hair transplants can’t achieve the amount of ‘fullness’ they expect.
  • People with wide or obvious scars from donor strip harvesting techniques
  • People who have open donor scars from hair transplant surgery from harvesting techniques between the 1950’s and early 1990’s, from strip harvesting surgeries, or from FUE techniques that create punctate scars.
  • Patients who have old pluggy or corn-row look with or without donor site depletion and a see-through donor area.
  • People who dislike using topical concealers or wigs.