Kay Fitzgerald

Kay is a qualified hairdresser specialising in hair & scalp conditions, and camouflage techniques.  She has something to suit everyone, no matter how severe their hair condition is.

Kay has worked with Professor Sinclair since 2013 and has a passion and commitment for hairdressing and hair products.  She is always researching new and effective products so patients don’t have to.

Her aim is for clients to apply and maintain products, or pieces, themselves and feel confident in their everyday life.


The SinclairHair salon was established in 2014 to complement medical therapies for hair loss with expert advice on styling, cutting, extensions, hair pieces and camouflage. We also wanted to create a hair salon where you could feel confident that your hairdresser was trained and knowledgeable about hair loss, understood your hair condition and knew how to cut and style your hair to give it the maximum volume without damaging or stressing your hair further.

The Sinclair dermatologists work in conjunction with the hairdressers to bring you a unique experience and best possible outcome for your hair loss concerns.

We pride ourselves on knowing what products are available on the market and bringing the very best of them to you.

Our clinic is open to anyone with hair loss, or hair concerns, and we can also guide you when to seek a medical opinion.